High performance fashion: Levi’s connects with cyclists

By Melissa Scott

As more New Yorkers take to their bikes this spring, the clothing logistics of commuting can be a challenge—from hot days to sudden downpours, the elements of NYC streets can be unpredictable. The newly launched Levi’s Commuter Series attempts to bridge the gap between fashion, lifestyle, function and fitness.

The collection combines high-performance details from waterproofing and sanitization technology (to keep riders dry, clean and odor-free), to ultra-functional 3M reflection tape (for safety). 
Levi’s connects their strong brand history as the original, American working denim and translates it to innovation for the unique needs of urban bikers with construction-inspired waistbands to hold U-Locks. 

JeWon Yu, a designer of the collection discusses the vision on their blog:
"Simply put, the commuter on the bike—be it young, old, from all walks of life….I feel like this lifestyle transcends any kind of trend and is something that anyone can participate in regardless of where you live, work, or play… It just feels so right for the brand. City landscapes are changing all over the world in response to the numbers taking to the streets on their bikes as their preferred method of transportation. It’s not just about San Francisco anymore, this is totally relevant worldwide and Levi’s, being a global brand, is keen to it and supports it completely."

The brand is also creating a series of Mobile Bike Shops, a partnership with Urban Outfitters, traveling across the country from Portland to New York, offering both bike and fashion services throughout the summer.

As innovation and engagement become driving forces in brands across all industries— creating custom experiences for more specific audiences—based on lifestyle instead of age/demographic—is a better way to make a bigger impact.

For more information, visit www.levi.com/commuter.
HT Cool Hunting, Video via Levi’s Blog

Melissa Scott (@hello_melissa) is a Senior Designer at Wolff Olins 

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