Tug of Store is a new project by OKFocus, the digital agency responsible for dump.fm, Is the L Train Fucked?, and other good web sites.

Tug of Store is simple: A picture of an item pops up, and you click on the left side if it’s crap, on the right side if it’s cool, tugging against whoever else is clicking on the site. After a hundred clicks, the verdict flashes on the screen, and the next watch / kayak / pair of shoes steps forth to be judged. 

The site is an experiment with the recently released Svpply API, playing on elements of Chat Roulette, Hot or Not, and the convention of Facebook’s thumbs up.

Mercifully, there is no nuanced engagement, no “thinking,” and no actual shopping. After only a few moments, Tug of Store gives you a clear verdict, and a list of the coolest and crappiest stores.At the time of this blog post, the coolest is Etsy, and the crappiest is End Clothing.

The site accelerates what shopping on the internet has become: this product is crap, this product is cool, and that’s the whole story.

"Totally the zeitgeist of 2012" - Eric W.

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