User Experience Is The Heart Of Any Company

"If you start with ‘useful’ as a first principle, then you automatically place customer need and experience first," writes Wolff Olins head of strategy Mary Ellen Muckerman in an article in Fast Company this morning. 

Muckerman continues:

"The principles and theories of UX have created a new normal in terms of brand delivery and interaction. They state that how people actually use your product is much more important than how it was intended to be used. So engaging your consumer in ongoing, iterative product development is more valuable than holding out for a “perfect” product launch." 

She looks at Apple’s ascendence over the past decade, M-Pesa’s branchless banking system, and Zopa, the world’s first peer-to-peer money lending service as 3 case studies on being useful. Continue reading on Fast Company here.

This story is also part of our Game Changers report, which you can read here.  

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