Little Sun Puts Power of the Sun into Tate Visitors’ Hands


By Julian McBride

This past Saturday, London’s Tate Modern museum turned off its power so that visitors could explore their galleries using only the light of the Little Sun. Check out this Wall Street Journal story for more details. 

Little Sun is an ambitious work of art by leading artist Olafur Eliasson and solar engineer Frederik Ottesen. Wolff Olins worked as a development partner together with Eliasson and Ottesen to create a groundbreaking inverted distribution business model through which the lamps can be sold at both a profit for local retailers and an affordable price for consumers.

The Tate Blackouts will continue until September 23. Meanwhile, as of today, U.S. residents can now do their part in helping to address the global energy challenge by purchasing Little Sun for $25 + $5.95 at (NOTE: U.S. orders currently have a delivery time of 30 days)

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Image via The Telegraph