Univision Launches New Brand Identity


What started out as KWEX-TV in San Antonio in the mid 1970s, the first ever full-time Spanish language station, has now evolved into the leading Hispanic media company in the United States: Univision. As their audience has evolved and as the industry has evolved, so has Univision. And in this morning’s Hollywood Reporter, Univision unveiled a new brand identity that communicates its transformation from a traditional broadcast network to an innovative multiplatform media company – still fueled by a mission to serve Hispanic America.

In August 2011, Ruth Gaviria, senior vice president of Corporate Marketing at Univision asked us to help focus their vision, pull together the different voices within their company and create an updated brand identity. For over nine months we worked together to create an identity that would modernize the brand and signal to the world that they meant business. 

Univision is a brand with a tremendous following. On the Burke Brand Equity score they broke the scale. Scoring the highest-ever-recorded scores for brand loyalty. Research among Hispanic Americans puts Univision as one of the most trusted institutions in America. And their share against other Spanish-language media is a whopping 73 percent. 


The refreshed version we created of their classic logo embodies their shift toward a more integrated 360-degree organization that better serves their evolving audiences and their emerging needs. It was designed to represent all that makes Univision the company they are: a dynamic, innovative multimedia company competing in a rapidly evolving industry.

During our work with Univision, we facilitated workshops to uncover characteristics that set them apart in their category. Working with our brand butterfly and quadrant tools, we helped Univision understand how to modernize and diversify the brand without sacrificing their heritage and powerful brand loyalty. 

The result was a brand story that focused on using their scale and influence to be the No. 1 brand representing and serving the full spectrum of what it means to be Hispanic in America today.

Univision’s new logo is a visible testament to its status as an integrated and ever-evolving brand, reflecting its commitment to Hispanics and their culture and its dedication to meeting their emerging needs.  The re-imagined brand shows they are not standing still, but evolving with the needs of audiences and advertisers.

And, in building their overall brand equity and strengthening Univision’s image as one company able to serve both audiences and partners, they’ve better positioned themselves toward something truly game changing: becoming the No. 1 media company regardless of language by 2016.

It’s been very exciting kicking off this new era at Univision! For more information on Univision, please visit www.univision.net.  

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