EE born in Britain. 30.10.12


A post from the EE Team at Wolff Olins London

Wolff Olins are excited to see EE go live. It’s a brand we’ve partnered with right from its inception, when it was just an idea on a post-it note, to this week’s big nationwide launch.

The UK mobile industry is facing its biggest challenges yet. It is a heavily commoditised market, people continue to spend less, the handset rules and new digital communications alternatives keep popping up. The sheer number of big players in this market puts an even greater emphasis on price competition: the way people buy is heavily based on tariff tables and whether the latest handset comes free.

Everything Everywhere, as it was known back then, came to Wolff Olins last year with two strong brands - Orange and T-Mobile - asking what a third, all-new, game-changing brand could do to start to challenge this status quo. In other words, let’s put a cat among the pigeons.

Together, we created EE – a brand that helps you do things you couldn’t do before. We equipped EE with a business idea, Now You Can, which drove major investments into 4GEE and film, and a new way to serve customers, on the high street, on the phone and most importantly for the new brand, online. EE secured some exciting new devices to launch with too including the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE and the iPhone 5, ready for the UK’s only 4G network.  It’s all about helping people in the UK do amazing things they couldn’t do before with the magic of technology.

To signal this huge change in focus we created a new type of brand born of this digital age. EE, the new network for your digital life, has a truly 21st century visual and verbal identity that bridges the gap between the high street and the screen. It is superfast, tech-enabled, user-driven and built for interaction. You can touch and interact with it on your device, in your home and everywhere in between.

Wolff Olins partnered with a big community to make this launch happen: from technologists to communication experts, management consultants to the executive team. More than 30 people from Wolff Olins worked on the brand and we provided strategic and creative direction for many of EE’s agencies and even became part of the brand leadership at EE, leading and directing more than 200 people. It is one of the most comprehensive projects we’ve ever undertaken.

At launch more than 700 stores will be EE branded, playful communications will go live telling people the EE story and the brand is already interacting with customers through digital channels. It’s a brand that has the potential to get everyone in the UK excited about the magic of technology – not just the 27 million customers of Orange and T-Mobile.

It has been great fun; an ambitious and exciting journey.  Thanks to our friends at EE for having us along for the ride.




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