Five ways branding is changing


This is an excerpt from the Journal of Brand Management, the latest edition of which has been edited by Robert Jones, head of new thinking at Wolff Olins and visiting professor at UEA.  As a special offer to the Wolff Olins community, the publisher is offering free access to entire issue for 7 days only. Click here to access.

As a practitioner at the brand consultancy Wolff Olins, I see many signs around me that branding is changing. The work we’re doing now, the preoccupations of our clients, and above all the technological climate in which everything happens, are substantially different from the world I encountered when I started as a brand consultant 20 years ago.

Of course, many things also remain the same, and practitioners tend to over-emphasise change, in the interests of keeping what they do exciting and urgent. Nevertheless, there are big tectonic shifts, which the theory of branding is struggling to keep up with.

These shifts are happening in many ways, in many places, in many sectors – and at different speeds, and to varying depths. But our experience as practitioners suggests five things are happening, all with the potential to be revolutionary…

Click here to access the full piece and the latest edition of The Journal of Brand Management.

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