The Shop is Open


By Sophie Gaskill 

Here’s a snap that should warm you up on this snowy day.

Little Sun is a project developed in response to the energy deficit facing many parts of the world. It is a project to bring light to the 1.6 billion people in the world who live without reliable access to electricity. Little Sun is a beautiful solar-powered light in the shape of a hand-sized sun. It’s a work of art that works in life. And this week, it was nominated for a 2013 Designs of The Year award by the Design Museum in London.


Wolff Olins is one of Little Sun’s partners and last year we worked closely with the team to take Little Sun from an idea and prototype to a fully fledged brand out in the world. The picture at top shows the first Little Sun flagship store. It was taken in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe where the store was built by the network of Plan Zimbabwe Former Sponsored Children and the Junior Achievement Zimbabwe (JAZ).

In accordance with Little Sun’s goal of spreading light, safe energy, and profits everywhere, this Little Sun store is operated by local residents and generates local profits.  Residents can purchase a little sun for $9 USD.

For more information about this project, visit their website.

Sophie Gaskill is marketing & content manager at Wolff Olins London. 

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