Michelle Obama + Nike

The ‘Let’s Move Active Schools’ brand launches todayimage

The new ‘Let’s Move Active Schools' brand just launched at an incredible event in Chicago. Over 6,500 kids, plus parents, teachers and inspirational public figures and athletes, will join Michelle Obama for a day of active fun on their feet. Wolff Olins is thrilled to have contributed to this important initiative by partnering with Nike to design the brand for Let’s Move Active Schools.

Saving lives

As we become more reliant on technology and machines, we do less and less each day. In just two generations, physical activity has dropped 32% in the US, leading to rising levels of obesity, made worse by diets increasingly full of processed food. But the issue isn’t about being in shape – it’s about staying alive. For the first time ever, kids are expected to live 5 years less than their parents.

It’s time for change, and some people are leading the charge.

When she came to the White House in 2008, Mrs. Obama made it her mission to fight obesity and ”change the way a generation of kids thinks about food and nutrition”. In 2010 she created a campaign called ‘Let’s Move’ to spread her impact wider. In 2012, Nike and a number of concerned parties put together a report called 'Designed to Move' - highlighting the inactivity problem and the positive impact of physical activity. Now, Nike and Let’s Move are joining forces to take the First Lady’s mission into every playground and campus cafeteria: launching ‘Let’s Move Active Schools’.

Energizing a generation

We were asked to help prepare the ‘Let’s Move’ brand for its next step. The key to success was tapping into kids’ psyche – they’re the ones that need to embrace and get motivated by the brand. The target audience is 8-12 year olds, so we worked hard to avoid being ‘child-like’ and focused on being ‘kid-powered’. Not teaching them, but getting them excited to take part.

This is a brand that’s about doing it together. So kids don’t feel being healthy is a chore, or something they have to toil away at on their own, we needed to show a healthy life can be simple and fun. It’s dodging past your buddies on the court, chasing each other to the school gate, mixing it up on the kitchen surface, running, dribbling, stirring, chewing, swerving, bouncing, chopping, high-fiving. We captured that energy in the brand, creating something that can be broken into parts, played with, and joined up to represent a school, a community, a country.



A nation on the move

The ‘Let’s Move’ campaign has already started to have significant impact on health legislation – leading to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010; and on attitudes – by 2012 80% Americans acknowledge that childhood obesity is a serious problem. Now, it has the opportunity to energize kids to ‘Eat Right. Get Going’ everyday, in schools.

Visit letsmoveschools.org to learn more. On Twitter, follow @FLOTUS and @LetsMove for live updates from the national tour and join the conversation using the hashtag #LetsMoveTour.

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