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Launched in 2005 by former Vice President Al Gore (before An Inconvenient Truth fame) and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, Current TV provided an online platform for user generated short format content content on broad range of topics and opinions. Current won over a host of loyal fans, and its programming won countless awards and the respect of its industry peers, but over time the brand felt the pinch of competition from digital news sources with short-program formats, such as YouTube. By 2010, Current felt anything but. The network needed an extreme statement to indicate a completely new direction and re-assert its reputation and perhaps the only truly independent voice in Television.


With new leadership and new talent in the form of Keith Olberman, Current TV was poised to disrupt the traditional news category, providing the world with content that matters and shining a light where no one else dares. Wolff Olins was hired to help Current to find a bold and powerful expression for their new direction. The resulting logo—a black and white flag in motion—is bold, disruptive and alive. The black and white font is raw and unapologetic. These elements combine to make an identity that stands apart in a category full of colorful symbols, expressing a brand with a strong point of view and, quite literally, flying the flag for cut through programming and trailblazing journalism.


All at once, the Current logo manages to make the brand relevant and forward thinking. It has given the Current employees new focus and confidence. Bold and innovative, this moving logo is changing the way we think about logos, and is propelling Current into the future. The moving flag sends a clear signal that Current TV is the network with something to say—and to spread the word, the network will be raising the flag across all Current TV platforms in 2011.

Current TV on Brand New

Current TV on Brand New

Current TV, the media network led by former U.S Vice President Al Gore is featured today on Brand New. The new identity – a flag in motion – quite literally flies the flag for cut through programming and trailblazing journalism. Designed by Wolff Olins, it will be rolling out across all Current TV platforms in the coming months. To read more go to

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